The House of Crane Song welcomes you! Here you will find my opinions, musings, theories, and other such things. This is a (predominantly Gallo-Brythonic) Belgic Polytheist space, and all posts will be written through this lens. Welcome, and enjoy!

What is Gallo-Brythonic Polytheism?

For those that are unaware, Gallo-Brythonic Polytheism is a syncretic religion based on the intermingling of Gaulish and Brythonic Polytheism. this is a historically attested syncretism, showed by such as the Belgic tribes. The Belgae had member tribes on both sides of what is now the English Channel. Through trade, marriages, and other forms of contact, the religious beliefs of both the Insular (British Isles) Celts and the Continental Celts would have merged and begun to form a culture, customs, and traditions all their own.

I work to ensure that what I write and post here, as well as my work in the Discord communities of GaulChat, Banssus Brittonon, and etc. reflect this. My beliefs are my own, updated to the modern age, but they are rooted in both reconstructionist and revivalist ideology. I hope this place becomes a wealth of knowledge for those interested. Please enjoy!

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A Set of Invocations for Brythonic Gods and Goddesses

The following will be a list of invocations for Brythonic Gods and Goddesses. Invocation for Sulis: Shining Sulis Sun made Manifest Great Healer of the Hot Springs You of the far-seeing Eye of Justice I/We ask you be here That you may receive these gifts Of love and gratitude Invocation for Nehalennia: O Nehalennia Guide … Continue reading A Set of Invocations for Brythonic Gods and Goddesses

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